Financial Abuse… Takes on Many Forms

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for the many who have been victimized by financial abuse. So many are trapped in their homes as victims who have no money because their abusers control all of it. Then many of us have worked to provide for our families while our abusers stay at home and fail provide for their families… only to be victimized again when we finally leave.  There are more aspects to financial abuse than most realize.

Financial abuse…
takes on many forms.
Though not always recognized…
it’s part of abusive norms.
For many are victimized …
held captive by this abuse…
as abusers control funds…
for their own personal use.

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5 thoughts on “Financial Abuse… Takes on Many Forms

      • Mine spends frivolously. Money burns a whole in his pocket. I bet the only reason he wants me to get a job is so he can spend my money on what he wants for his hobbies and interests. We’ve never ever been on a vacation.

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      • Mine did too, he spent money on anything & everything. He had a huge secret porn DVD collection.
        Nothing was out his reached, but he controlled everything. At the end he wouldn’t even give me money for food.

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      • Omg! Me too! He doesn’t give me money for food either and I just read that on your blog. He’ll go to the grocery store bit stiff for our son and himself and get nothing for me. Maybe some scraps that he thinks that I might like. Oooo, he’ll buy me my favorite juice. Whoopie! He’s so mean. Then when he does by grocey he expects me to cook!! Im like heck no, dude!! You must think im stupid!! Its already walks around here as if i dont even exist, he doesnt even speak a word to me, which is why my blog is named BARELY TWO WORDS. He talks down to me too. Calling me girl, and speaking to me as if I were a low class piece of shit. I feel like Whoopi in The Color Purple.


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