Isolation… Many Victims Endure

I wanted to re reblogging this because this WAS my life everyday. All day. But no longer, sometimes I am amazed at all the things I missed out on , all the things I have yet to experience. One of the greatest being that I do matter and people do care about me. Even friends on WordPress. !
Thanks Secret Angel Ministry

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

So many of us have been isolated by abusers and bullies in various situations. Some isolation has occurred in schools where we are forced to sit alone with no contact with others. Some occurs in marriages where we are taken from families and only have our abuser and/or their family as contacts. Other isolation has even taken place in workplaces where victims are kept silent by threats against them. In all situations, this isolation is a tool or tactic used to ultimate hurt victims.

many victims endure.
With lives of abuse…
making many unsure.
Afraid to look…
or to someone speak.
Or to make a motion…
like attention seek.

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2 thoughts on “Isolation… Many Victims Endure

  1. Dear ladies, please do not believe the words of the abuser that kept you in isolation. You DO matter, you ARE worthwhile, you are NOT alone, you ARE loveable. You will get through this – God is your strength, the support of other women who have been in similar situations is your strength. Hugs!!

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