Update on my journey at #Financially Abused

I just wanted to share what my journey has been like this far. I have contacted many organizations in my local area for help and search has been unsuccessful .Though my situation is extreme it’s not extreme enough.

  •  Because I was not a victim of physical violence I don’t fit the requirements to receive financial help.  While my husband was cruel if  he had added physical abuse to his behavior  I could then get help. Legal Aide refered me to my counties family law work shop. I completed the workshop and was granted a 90 minute consult  with an attorney for a flat fee of $100.  At the end of the consult she told me that I could retain her for a fee of $3500. Everybody I contact I am told they can’t
  •  assist me. I was successful in obtaining help from DHS  with foodstamps. And I am so grateful for that. I am still iny home  even though I am not sure for how much longer. I have been able to maintain my water and electricity bills every month with money from the sell of anything I owned.  I am still very early in my journey and sometimes I feel hopeless. But there are more times when I feel ok, I feel  peace, I feel hopeful. I don’t know what will happen but I am Free. I am loosing everything but finding myself. Please if anyone can help me in any kind of way  contact me. I am still in such great need. Please everybody that reads this pray for me. Please please please pray for me.
  • Joicelizsabeth

15 thoughts on “Update on my journey at #Financially Abused

    • Thanks Persia, I really enjoy your daily blogs. I also first followed you on tumbler before I found you on WordPress. Reading your tumbler blogs help me put a name to the abuse I was enduring. So keep up your great work we need you out here.

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      • I am so glad my blog has helped you. Your words are very kind. I am also very pleased that putting my experiences out there (although they were truly awful), has been a good thing for others. You have made me know it is worth continuing to reach out to others, and I thank you for that, as well as following my blog.
        I hope things get better for you. Sending love and hugs to you. xo


  1. Hmmm… We’ve had our little chat today and we you and I are on the same page as far as this is concerned except, I’m still living with my narcissist emotional abuser. I feel for us. I can’t say that I’m sorry for you because we two are in the same boat so I feel sorry for us. I hurt for all of us women in this position and trust me, I don’t bite my tonque nor sugar coat. It pisses me off!! A lot of women will despise me for saying this and I really don’t care because the reality is, prayers aren’t helping us. Go ahead and jump on me for saying that, but let’s be realistic here. This woman needs help. Joyce needs help worse than I do and if I weren’t in the same predicament, I would help Joyce. And that’s just me not talking a bunch of bologna.
    Maybe I am an angry woman for getting turned down like Joyce has been. From what I’ve read, we’ve both reached out to for help only to have ended up with nothing. Legal aids, churches, abuse advocates…these services that claim to help us, but don’t. Yes, I’m pissed off because I’m in the same shoes as Joyce is. I’ve tried everything like she has. Prayers don’t help. I’m just saying…
    I’m sorry in advance Joyce for speaking my blunt mind…

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    • Not sure if I told you but “we are invisible” no one really sees us. If we don’t have visible bruises & bleeding, or if we aren’t dead no one sees us. Yes, there are many organizations that accept donations for survivors but not for us. I would have gotten some help if I had showed up after he beat the hell out of me “he never hit me”, but because my wounds & scars are invisible so am I. We don’t count, that’s a fact.
      My faith is all I have, if I didn’t have faith in God then I would have given up.
      I honestly don’t know what is in my future, all I know is to keep taking one step at a time. Though I know longer fear my husband. I do fear the knock at the door, the knock at the door telling me to get out, or for something to happen at the house that I can’t afford to fix. The constant worry I keep in separate little compartments about each issue that I have no solution to solve. Not having toilet paper or soap until someone I never met gave me money to buy some. Oh wait I do get food stamps but by the end of the month I’m out of food. If it was not for a neighbor when my food gets low I’d be hungry. If another person tell me where to go to get assistant I’m going to scream. Seriously do they think we haven’t tried every suggestion offered to us. Do they realize that all the doors with all the hoops you’ve got to jump through before you even get in the door just leads us right out the back door back to the street.
      So since all I have is my Faith, I’m holding onto it.
      Its all I’ve have.❤❤

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      • I know! I even wrote a post that said, the next person that suggested something that I’ve already tried, id slap the hell outta them! I mean come on people! We weren’t born yesterday! We’re doing the best that we can!!

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  2. WOW….I just have to reblog to get the awareness of different aspects of Domestic Abuse out to as many people as possible so you and I and many others can HEAL….and by HEALING OUTLOAD I just know we can help put an end to domestic abuse….Thank You for your strength and for sharing….Let’s take a stand together

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