Financial Abuse as a Tool of Destruction, Coercion, and Handicap

Picking Up the Pieces

My name is Amy, and I am a 38 year-old survivor of domestic violence.  If you were to look at me on paper at the woman I was in the years before I ever knew my abuser existed, you would unfortunately make the supposition that “someone like me” could never be abused.  Society has the destructive habit of cataloging human beings according to their race, education level, gender, income level, and social position in society, and it is no different when the conversation is raised about domestic violence.

Humans have nurtured a selfish need to always exclude themselves from the realms of those they consider to be “the others,” a group of cast-aways who are mistakenly viewed as being somehow beneath the masses so they can realize and justify an invisible buffer meant to protect or elevate them above certain situations that they believe can only affect “those who.”  This tendency to…

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12 thoughts on “Financial Abuse as a Tool of Destruction, Coercion, and Handicap

    • Anna, I wanted to just say thank you, thank you for all you do on behalf of others, thank you for caring enough about me to reach out and ask me how I’m doing. I know I didn’t get back with you (shame and guilt) keeps me from talking and sharing with others. But today I can say I feel better, I have such a large whole to dig myself out of, but somehow I will. I just wanted you to know that I really really appreciate you just asking me how I am even if I am to ashamed to respond. Please keep caring, sharing all of who you are and who God created you to be. God is love you represent Him well. Merry Christmas Anna

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      • What a beautiful gift you’ve given me here, Joyce. While I hardly deserve such praise, I am deeply touched that you would think so well of me. You have nothing for which to be ashamed. Nothing at all. You are a woman of courage and strength. This ordeal, I am sure, will confirm that. In the end, it’s God’s strength we borrow. You remain infinitely precious to Him, whatever mistakes you may think you’ve made in life. Take is from someone who has made plenty of them (LOL). Happy New Year, Joyce! ❤

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  1. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Much as I love chocolate, the holiday did not actually start out as a reason to indulge. It didn’t even start out as a celebration of sweethearts. It started as a way to remember St. Valentine, who sent loving notes from his jail cell, in the full knowledge he would be martyred.

    Over and over, I’ve seen God bring beauty and hope out of what seemed only destruction, loss, and fear.

    With or without a dozen roses, you have a heart overflowing with love for your children. In these most difficult of times, you are a shining light to them. You are having a positive impact that will last them a lifetime. That’s a tremendous accomplishment, Joyce. It makes YOU the very best of valentines. Don’t ever forget that. I won’t. ❤

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    • Thanks Anna, for checking in on me. All is as well as it could be. I’m at peace, safe, sometimes happy, and free. I appreciate you staying in touch, your encouragement helps me stay focused and keep going. God is in control He sees my struggles, and I know that if I continue to pray and
      do the work my life will get better.
      Happy Valentine’s Day😘

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  2. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, Joyce, and that life is looking a little brighter. You are someone of value, the kind of woman the Bible holds out as a model to others (Prov. 31: 10-31). Never forget that. ❤


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