National Domestic Violence Month

Today is the first day of  domestic violence awareness month. So many of you have supported me with words of kindness, wisdom and inspiration. I felt the need to use this day to try and see if its possible to create a simple blog using my phone . 

I am well, I’m sometimes happy. I am no longer consumed with just fear. Though I have many many challenges I’m safe.  I donated everything I owned to charity in case I was asked to leave my home. But as of yet no one has come.  It’s hard to start over with nothing and all the organizations out there for survivors have been of no help to me. What’s scary is the little bit of money I was making keeping my nieces son stopped because she moved away. So I don’t know what’s going to happen but what I do know is I am and I will be okay.

Please everybody remember the importance of this month and do what you can. The simplest effort from you may provide the ability for someone to be able to have heat.

Someone mailed me the only gift I received last year at Christmas it was the book The Walking Wounded, inside of it was a $20 bill. That $20 and the money I had allowed me to go out and purchase a space heater, I’d been living in my house with no heat at all because I can’t afford to pay a heating bill I don’t create one, so I had been freezing and then out of nowhere my prayer was answered. 

I’m saying all this to say you never know what small act of kindness will mean to a survivor on the verge of leaving, staying or going back. So please do what you can it may save someone’s life.

I have no way of seeing what this blog finished looks like, so please excuse any and all errors and know I created this blog out of a place of gratitude and love.


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