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drink-me-alice   Tiny minds, big egos.  Little self-esteem, a lot of expectations of others.  Small thinking, huge communication problems.

It’s a small world but theirs is a big world when you are the one that has to revolve around it.  Because after all, isn’t that what we do?  Revolve around them?  Their wants, their needs, their happiness until one day we decide we need to expand our horizons from their tiny cubicle of a life to our vast, wonderful life waiting for us!

For us as targets, it’s changing our outcome.  We don’t need their approval or their acceptance to enjoy our life.

I was ready to let my light shine again!  And he tried to snuff it out every chance he got.

Once he left:

  • He didn’t pay the bills in my name even though I was a stay at home mom
  • He took away one-half of the rental income…

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6 thoughts on “TINY MINDS…

  1. I was researching Financial Abuse and found these:

    Financial abuse is a common tactic used by abusers to gain power and control in a relationship. The forms of financial abuse may be subtle or overt but in in general, include tactics to limit the partner’s access to assets or conceal information and accessibility to the family finances.

    And this link to a great website which includes much on Financial Abuse:


    It blesses me that you have turned your trauma into joy through faith. I added Financial Abuse to my website: http://www.slaveryshatterslives.com

    In my header it reads: Slavery is not limited to Human Trafficking. All abused persons are slaves to their abusers.

    Praying for you.

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    • Thank you for your concern, support & for all the great information. I’m very familiar with nnedv, as a matter of fact they are my pinned tweet on my Twitter account. I was just amazed at all the great information on the site Slavery Shatters Lives. I will spend more time on each site. I also like to share anything I know may help other survivors so I will be sharing with the women in my SoulSisters Survivors group. Sharing my trauma has two affects on me it stirs up my triggers, but then it feels good to share my story. It feels good to encourage others, its amazing all I’ve learned from the tragedies in my life. No matter how deep my wounds there is someone some where with deeper wounds. If I stop to help someone carry their baggage while I can barely carry my on, the weight of our baggage doesn’t feel as heavy when we carry it together. And last of all I notice if I’m feeling despair but stop to encourage someone who’s struggling like a boomerang in the end I feel better too.
      Nancy J, I know I’m rambling, sometimes my rambling makes no sense to nobody but myself. I appreciate you, been inspired by you & keep going because through your words I find hope & friendship. Okay now that’s enough I’m out.🎄🎄


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