Domestic Violence Day 12: Financial or Economic Abuse

Many people aren’t even aware that financial abuse is domestic violence, I didn’t. Financial abuse is all about control. When most people here the horrific phrase domestic violence they think only of the physical abuse or threats of physical abuse inflicted upon another, however, financial or economic abuse exist in approximately 98% of all domestic violence situations.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel


For October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am continuing a series on the various abuses. Now, I will proceed with the next abuse:  “Financial Abuse” or “Economic Abuse.”

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Manipulation of the Legal System as an Instrument of Abuse

Financial Abuse prevents survivors for getting justice and is a form of domestic violence..

Anne Caroline Drake

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If you want to make a real difference, become a legal eagle watching over the court system.

We all know that “justice” in the legal system belongs to the affluent and powerful.  But, I think many of you would be shocked to discover how easily the court system can be manipulated as an instrument of abuse.

A rich and powerful man with a well-established professional career can afford to out-litigate a wife who sacrificed her own professional ambitions to care for his home and his children.  A man who never had a second of time for his kids can suddenly discover how easily and effectively a well-funded custody dispute can destroy his estranged wife.  There’s also the refusal to pay child or spousal support.  False allegations of abuse and arrests on false charges can destroy a person’s reputation.  These are just a few of the ways sophisticated, affluent…

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Falling down

I have been quiet for a while. This is why. This is a necessarily long post and I make no apologies for that. It also discusses suicide and self harm. I don’t apologise for that either. These…

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I generally only blog in October in observance of Domestic Violence month but tonight I would like to share Dissident Girl’s post, its her latest post & a very powerful. She needs some support from our community immediately. Let’s comfort her & show her she’s not alone.

Domestic Violence Awareness / Then One Day I picked up the phone,,,

Featured imageand reached out for help. Shame kept  me isolated and imprisoned in a world of daily abuse. But then one day I mustard up the courage and called the Domestic Violence Hotline and they listened, I was crying rambling on and on, and so ashamed. They gave me encouragement and advise.  They were nonjudgmental. They just talked me through it. I called them several times just to talk about what to do and how to do it. They taught me how to set up a safety plan, how to protect myself to be safe. To go to my neighbor and set up a signal in case I was in danger and needed help. To pack an emergency escape bag and leave it with her. They really emphasized safety first. They gave me that little extra courage I did’t have on my own. I was so grateful to God that they were there.   So  from a new survivor Please take a stand. Help end .