Falling down

I have been quiet for a while. This is why. This is a necessarily long post and I make no apologies for that. It also discusses suicide and self harm. I don’t apologise for that either. These…

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I generally only blog in October in observance of Domestic Violence month but tonight I would like to share Dissident Girl’s post, its her latest post & a very powerful. She needs some support from our community immediately. Let’s comfort her & show her she’s not alone.

Domestic Violence Awareness / Then One Day I picked up the phone,,,

Featured imageand reached out for help. Shame kept  me isolated and imprisoned in a world of daily abuse. But then one day I mustard up the courage and called the Domestic Violence Hotline and they listened, I was crying rambling on and on, and so ashamed. They gave me encouragement and advise.  They were nonjudgmental. They just talked me through it. I called them several times just to talk about what to do and how to do it. They taught me how to set up a safety plan, how to protect myself to be safe. To go to my neighbor and set up a signal in case I was in danger and needed help. To pack an emergency escape bag and leave it with her. They really emphasized safety first. They gave me that little extra courage I did’t have on my own. I was so grateful to God that they were there.   So  from a new survivor Please take a stand. Help end .