Update on my journey at #Financially Abused

I just wanted to share what my journey has been like this far. I have contacted many organizations in my local area for help and search has been unsuccessful .Though my situation is extreme it’s not extreme enough.

  •  Because I was not a victim of physical violence I don’t fit the requirements to receive financial help.  While my husband was cruel if  he had added physical abuse to his behavior  I could then get help. Legal Aide refered me to my counties family law work shop. I completed the workshop and was granted a 90 minute consult  with an attorney for a flat fee of $100.  At the end of the consult she told me that I could retain her for a fee of $3500. Everybody I contact I am told they can’t
  •  assist me. I was successful in obtaining help from DHS  with foodstamps. And I am so grateful for that. I am still iny home  even though I am not sure for how much longer. I have been able to maintain my water and electricity bills every month with money from the sell of anything I owned.  I am still very early in my journey and sometimes I feel hopeless. But there are more times when I feel ok, I feel  peace, I feel hopeful. I don’t know what will happen but I am Free. I am loosing everything but finding myself. Please if anyone can help me in any kind of way  contact me. I am still in such great need. Please everybody that reads this pray for me. Please please please pray for me.
  • Joicelizsabeth