Dealing with domestic violence and aggression

Domestic Violence Awareness
From a Teacher to the Parents

From a teacher, to the parents

Deepak’s shocking story is an extreme case of hatred and rage perpetrated by domestic violence , aggravated by lack of communication. The loss of his loving caregiver was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Lets examine the key lessons to remember

Firstly the violence of any form, even hitting, is not an answer to any problem for correcting a child especially when an adolescent child is involved.  The best solution is always to nurture a warm relationship with your children by spending relaxing time with them like playing with them or involving in any activities like their science project, reading etc so that the barrier between the father and son is broken and he starts sharing his views and feelings.  Unfortunately in India where the men work very late they hardly have time to even to talk with their wards. In that case they should make it a point…

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13 thoughts on “Dealing with domestic violence and aggression

  1. Such great advice. We are the protectors for and builders of our children’s welfare. Both of these jobs take strategic planning to incorporate into our times with out children. They have to know that they count.

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