Domestic Violence Awareness / Then One Day I picked up the phone,,,

Featured imageand reached out for help. Shame kept  me isolated and imprisoned in a world of daily abuse. But then one day I mustard up the courage and called the Domestic Violence Hotline and they listened, I was crying rambling on and on, and so ashamed. They gave me encouragement and advise.  They were nonjudgmental. They just talked me through it. I called them several times just to talk about what to do and how to do it. They taught me how to set up a safety plan, how to protect myself to be safe. To go to my neighbor and set up a signal in case I was in danger and needed help. To pack an emergency escape bag and leave it with her. They really emphasized safety first. They gave me that little extra courage I did’t have on my own. I was so grateful to God that they were there.   So  from a new survivor Please take a stand. Help end .


8 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Awareness / Then One Day I picked up the phone,,,

    • Constance I’m doing okay. Still a lot of work to do. But I am at peace, it’s a little scary I was use to being in fear all the time, I keep waiting for something else bad to happen. But Constance I feel peaceful and I can’t believe that I am going to use the word (happy). But yes I am happy. Still things are a mess but I will get through them. I am just so grateful that I am safe and free. Please don’t forget about me, I still need your prayers and support. It is wonderful knowing I matter and people care. Hope you had a Blessed Christmas. Big ((hug))

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    • Yes, feeling like your whole world is filled with hidden invisible land mines & every & any movement can cause an explosion is a hard way to live. It takes a while to calm all that inside negative energy and for it to subside. I found that sharing my story also releases that negative energy and increases my inner peace.


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